Saturday, July 18, 2009

CAT which means Common Admission Test or appitude test which is conducted by the B schools in india.. It is considered as one of the toughest test in india.. Im a Commerce student but from my mid grade school i always wanted to pursue an M.B.A in IIM. IIM's are the top ranked B schools in india.. Its every graduates dream to do an M.B.A in these IIM's... Everyone may dream but only sum has the luck to study there.. CAT exams are the entrance exam which is conducted by the IIM's to get into their colleges.. So its obvious how tough will that exam be.. when i dreamt of gettin into an IIM i started to prepare my self for that, in the beggining i was very much intrested to know about it and collected many informations regarding that.. I started to love that cos when u love sum thing u will not get bored of it.. I finished my high school with good percentage and joined in coimbatore's leading Arts and Science college.. I got into B.Com which is considered as the best cource that college .. At the start of the second year i became more serious about CAT exams and started to go into CAT very serious. I joined a center which teaches how to prepare for the CAT and other allied exams.. When i started that preparation i came to know how difficult this exam will be..!!! God its really intresting to see sums in the Quants Section u cant predict the answers so easily.. But maths is always a fun for me.. I always laugh to my self when i see some different problems gosh?!!! it gives nice exersice to ur brains dude...!!! Verbal Section is my toughest... U cant find such English words normally... But in CAT u hav those different words... I enjoy reading those things.. but sum times i get pissed with these words... Data Interpretation Section is the a Section which i always score gud points..!!!! Im still in the verge of preparation only... Nov 2009 comes CAT and it decides my life tooo.. U may think wat does CAT do with my life... It's... will tel it in my up comming blogss!!!!!

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  1. Ada Ada!!! I knw wat it has to do with your life!! :) will pray for you dear bro!!